Linea Scale opened in the early 1980s in the province of Modena, in Emilia Romagna. This is the cradle of “Made in Italy” craftsmanship, a land of skilled artisans driven by a love for their craft and a passion for their products, which makes these people stand out above the average entrepreneur.

The desire to distinguish themselves from mass production has led to the creation of numerous production companies who aim to make their products unique, better, and inimitable without aiming exclusively at profits. This has led to the true excellence that characterizes the spirit of Made in Italy and has made our interior staircases and brands recognized internationally.

The founders of  Linea Scale had a clear objective from the get-go:

The founders of  Linea Scale  had a clear objective from the get-go:
the production of unique, custom—in short, personal—interior staircases that could blend in harmoniously with their intended setting, embellishing them, and … “going upstairs in style.”
Thirty years of history and craftsmanship at Linea Scale

There have been many changes throughout the history of the company, but we have always pursued our initial goal because for us, our staircases are not only a “tool” for going upstairs, but also the main furnishing element in a home, store, or office. It is the first thing you notice upon entering, and it sets the tone of the entire environment.

The appearance and quality of our interior staircases are not the only characteristic thing about them, however; we always pay close attention to each project that we develop. Our interior stairs must be functional, comfortable, and solid, a guarantee that only a manufacturer like our company can provide. In fact, we follow each stage in the production process in house, from checking the raw materials to the final painting.


Our design service provides custom staircases for indoor and outdoor use, including the fascinating spiral staircases. We meet the individual needs of our customers, creating unique solutions that adapt perfectly to the available space. Let your functional staircase become a work of art and design.

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