Cantilever stairs in steel and glass:

Suspended Stairs, Open stairs

The Zircone model of cantilevered stairs are suspended staircases that can be made of wood, iron, or steel. They are sure to be the centerpiece of any modern environment, with a great visual impact.

The cantilevered wooden steps have a greater thickness—from 2.4 to 4 inches to emphasize the wood, since the steps are the key to these staircases.

Metal cantilevered steps can be covered with wood or resin, or left exposed in the original material.

We can insert warm or cool LEDs in the steps or closed risers to create plays of light and shadow with chiaroscuro effects. Each blend of materials is a choice, designed to express the utmost individuality of each staircase.

For non-load-bearing walls, the Zircone model can be installed with a metal structure on one side that can be walled in or left exposed depending on taste. The steps are then threaded onto the appropriate support bars.

The railings complete the Zircone model. These usually consist of linear railings in metal or stainless steel, or can appear more lightweight with glass, but to be more daring, special solutions with stainless steel cables or shaped glass walls can be devised for a refined look.

The risers can be closed, with the treads and risers chasing each other and supporting each other, resulting in a continuous suspended “ribbon.”