Glass stairs: Oyster Ice

Glass stairs for indoors

Open, self-supporting, spiral, or helical glass stairs are a must in modern design. Each room that contains these special staircases allows natural light to pass through, enhancing the evanescence of the glass, creating a spectacular appearance, and emphasizing the taste of those who live there.

Glass stairs can be used to play with light materials and a clear appearance that let a lot of light through with glass steps and railings, whether natural, extra clear, crackled, frosted, milk white, colored, or non-slip. The last of these is particularly suitable for locations open to the public.

Exclusive glass staircase designs play with the materials and multiply the furnishing possibilities.

The effect of stepping on a transparent glass tread creates a freeing sensation. Walking on a glass staircase evokes unique feelings and emotions, almost like floating. In fact, from a glass staircase, you have a 360° view of the surroundings in all its details.

Railings for interior stairs made of metal, stainless steel, and glass enhance the exclusiveness and uniqueness of these models. Glass railings are a lightweight yet solid solution that solves accessibility issues without weighing down the appearance of the staircase. They protect, but do not obstruct, furnishing without blocking the view and light.