Helical wood and steel Stairs:

Interior Stairs, Stairs for small spaces

Aurora is a helical staircase suitable even for small spaces, designed with simplicity in mind. The treads and risers chase each other and support each other, creating a continuous ribbon. This outlines a staircase featuring essential lines, which are highlighted more by the versions in bleached or lacquered wood.

Stainless steel railings with rods emphasize the helical shape of this interior staircase with a modern and elegant line. Multiple variations can be chosen to better adapt the staircase to the style of your home, from a railing with vertical columns to a more classic one with wrought iron elements. It can even be combined with curved laminated glass panels, making the staircase even more transparent.

The treads and risers in the Aurora model can be made of different types of wood, from classic beech or iroko to fine oak or doussié, up to exclusive teak or Italian walnut. When combined with special effects or finishes—brushed, pickled, zero gloss, lacquered—the staircase harmonizes perfectly with the surrounding environment. We also offer the possibility of a metal construction—painted, frosted, rusted, or coated with water-based resins for a different look.

The most classic shape of Aurora is a circular layout, but to adapt the staircase, it can also be square, elliptical, or any irregular shape. Our technical staff can assess the practical feasibility and visual impact in consultation with the relevant professionals and the end customer.