Helical Wood and Iron Stairs:

Interior Stairs

The Cristallo model is a helical interior staircase made of iron and wood with a sinuous shape stemming from the designer’s creativity and the expert hands of our craftsmen.

Custom-made to meet the needs of the most design-conscious customers looking to embellish their rooms and satisfy their desire for beauty. The choice of details is defined by customers who want an original piece.

La struttura elicoidale del modello Cristallo può essere verniciata o smerigliata, arrugginita o in acciaio inox disegna una scala da interno di forte impatto estetico, che può accogliere gradini in legno, in resina, in vetro e in metallo.

The helical structure of the Cristallo model can be painted or frosted, rusted, or made of stainless steel to create a strong visual impact, with wooden, resin, glass, or metal steps.

The structure can be smooth, box-shaped, or laser cut to lighten it and make it more open, while the metal or steel and wood railing follows the curved line of the structure, enhancing it.

The set of possible combinations allows you to customize this model of interior stairs in various ways, making it always different without losing the harmonious sense of elegance given by the combination of different yet compatible materials.

The Cristallo model fits in with classic environments as a “break” with the rest of the classic furnishing, and also in modern environments following the style and finishes.

Large spaces will be connected with a staircase that pursues the exclusiveness of the room, strongly marking the space without detracting from the proportion of the whole.