Helical stairs: Perla | Lineascale

Interior Stairs, Wood Stairs

Underlying the helical Perla model is a desire to find an alternative to the central post. This led to the wooden twist to elegantly enrich the shape of the staircase, which has become a must in our products for “going upstairs in style.”

This helical staircase focuses on wood, both in the curved structure and in the central twist, and it has become one of our top models over time, capable of always being reworked in a modern key.

“Space changes and takes shape around our wood helicoidal staircases.”

The high precision of artisan craftsmanship characterizes our “Italian Style” and is embodied in these models of wood staircases with strength, functionality, and elegance. Wood ties the experiences of the past to the new processing methods and design of today’s natural resources. All types of wood are available to make your staircase original and unique.

In the Perla model, the central wooden spiral widens the steps and brings nature into the room. This model can be made with different types of railings—wood or wrought iron, steel or glass—to reinterpret classicism with flair.

The side band wraps around the steps and joins them to the body of the staircase, making it an example of elegance and style.

Many details can be varied to make this type of indoor staircase unique.