Iron interior spiral stairs:

Iron spiral stairs with a round or square layout

Moon is the latest version of our iron spiral staircases. These stairs can be made in both round and square layouts, catering to modern, sophisticated environments and either small or large spaces. The rigor and simplicity of the lines and colors are sure to accentuate any modern atmosphere.

Our technicians study these types of custom staircases for multifaceted settings, developing and recommending minimalist metal models such as Moon to enhance your environment like a contemporary work of art.
This indoor spiral staircase has no structure. Instead, the central core is a metal post that the steps rotate around, supported only by brackets welded to the post.

The simple, clean railings can be metal and stainless steel or metal only and they can be painted to match the staircase body or differentiated to enhance the chromatics.

These metal “temptations” create settings with unexpected effects in which light and color, solidity and design come together.