Wood and Iron Spiral Stairs:

Interior Spiral stairs

Onice is one of our wood and metal spiral staircase models with a square or rectangular layout, allowing you to make the most of sometimes limited space. By focusing on your need for space and taste, our designers study and suggest the ideal solution to enhance both the staircase and the surrounding area.

This spiral staircase for interiors has no supporting structure. Instead, there are lighter support elements or a load-bearing railing.
The central post of the Onice model has spacers made of wood, metal, or stainless steel to match the types of wood and materials in the environment. Both simple railings with vertical columns and horizontal rods go well with this spiral staircase.

An additional touch of design includes possible LED lighting under the steps or along the wooden post.

Linea Scale offers endless customization options to meet the desires of customers, interior designers, and architects.

We stand out for creating beauty and offering products that have been designed and studied for decades.