Wood spiral stairs with a round layout:

Spiral Interior Stairs in wood and iron

The Ametista model is one of our wooden spiral staircases with a round layout. These stairs are made by our expert craftsmen, who work the wood, masterfully curving and finishing it.

The curved structure, post, and handrail are made of different types of wood, whether solid or laminated, natural or brushed, bleached or pickled, or painted with a glossy, matte or zero gloss finish.
The wood is chosen by our carpenters, who select the boards and then work them following decades of experience.

The side band wraps the steps and joins them to the body of the staircase, making it an example of refinement and style.

Linear railings, vertical smooth, turned, or milled wooden columns, metal or stainless steel columns, or curved glass can be installed on the Ametista spiral staircase.
Many details can be varied to define the style of this indoor staircase, making it unique with its undisputed measured, simple elegance.

With our in-house painting, your wood spiral staircase can have a special finish such as bleaching or pickling, or it can be stained to match a sample and enhance the modern face of wood.

An initial landing, ridged tread, a particular or unusual color of wood or metal, or LED lighting under the steps or along the wooden post will make your Ametista staircase stand out and make it special in the eyes of those who use it and admire it.