Wood and iron spiral stairs with a round layout:

Scala a chiocciola a pianta tonda

Rubino is a wood and metal spiral staircase with a round layout, perfect for both small and large living spaces. Our technicians create custom staircases for the most specific, critical settings, studying and recommending models like Rubino to enhance the room.

This indoor spiral staircase has no structure. Instead, there are lighter supporting elements or a load-bearing railing.
The central post has wooden, metal, or stainless steel spacers to match the types of wood and materials in the rest of the environment. Both simple railings with vertical columns—made of wood, metal, or stainless steel—and horizontal rods go well with this spiral staircase.

Linea Scale offers other accessories for customization, such as closed risers, tread covers with aluminum inserts, or LED lighting. Each detail makes it unique, personal, and exclusive.