Interior Wood and Iron Stairs:

Interior Stairs, Open stairs

The Agata Model is an open staircase made of wood and iron with a single central metal structure situated under the wooden treads. The railings come in either metal or satin-finish stainless steel, and can be combined with laminated tempered glass panels.

The Agata model of our interior stairs is made to order with custom finishes. Combining a metal structure and wooden steps, these stairs are always up to date, blending style and simplicity, lightness and functionality.

The originality of a particular creative color enhances the essential nature of this staircase. In fact, the “GOLD” metal finish or “RED” wood finish would be an original and very personal interpretation of the Agata model.

These interior staircases can be finished with closed risers to divide and isolate different rooms, installed with skirting along the wall, or customized according to different requests, from the choice of wood for the steps, painting to match a sample, or the creation of decorative details in line with the style of the staircase.