Stairs for lofts:

Interior Stairs, Stairs for small spaces

Opale Mini is part of the series of space-saving staircases custom made for small rooms, with a structure on one side consisting of a metal band. On the other side, the steps support each other with the use of metal bars resting on the ground.

The railings are minimal, with smooth vertical uprights or horizontal rods, complemented by the upper handrail in wood, which does not weigh down the light line of an indoor staircase situated in a narrow corner of the home.

The Opale Mini is usually U-shaped and can be inserted in a hole for a spiral staircase—or even smaller—since the center pole consists of a small-diameter tube.

The standard treads are made of laminated wood or solid beech, but as with other interior staircases, Linea Scale offers different types of wood to better match the product to the environment where it will be installed. The varnish on the treads is scratch resistant as with parquet flooring, while the metal parts are painted using an epoxy powder in a wide range of colors and finishes, including embossed, shimmery, gloss, or matte finish.