Stairs for lofts:

Interior Stairs, Stairs with flights, Straight Stairs for small spaces

The Marinara staircase is a classic staircase for small spaces. It has a straight or L-shaped flight with staggered steps so you can reach the upper floor in half the space of an open staircase.

The railing consists of vertical metal columns or horizontal rods, complemented by the upper wooden handrail.

The load-bearing structure can be made with a single central metal element or with a double stringer in wood or metal.

Standard treads come in laminated wood or solid beech, but as with its other interior staircases, Linea Scale offers different types of wood to better match the stairs to the place where they will be installed. The treads are painted with scratch-resistant paints as with wood flooring, while the metal parts are painted with an epoxy powder in a wide range of colors and finishes—embossed, shimmery, polished, or matte finish.

The possibilities for customization are endless, from the insertion of LED lights in the side of the structure, to the creation of a more particular railing with wrought iron elements, to the use of the risers in order to create a small enclosed compartment under the stairs.