Cantilever stairs in wood and metal:

Self-supporting stairs for indoors

The Open model is part of our self-supporting “semi-cantilever” staircases made of wood and metal. They epitomize lightness, as one of the two structures is replaced with metal, stainless steel, or wooden ferrules used to support the steps.

The stairs in the Open model have an essential, modern design, where the structure on only one side hugs the wall, leaving the other side free, making the steps seem suspended.

The structure can be made of wood or painted iron, as can the steps. Each combination is studied and designed to best match the intended setting.
Closed risers give an extra trendy effect, as does a stainless steel or metal railing.

Painting the steps and structure in light shades makes the room lightweight and bright. The same is true of a glass railing, which provides protection but leaves the staircase open.

The choice of different types of wood for the steps and a solid wooden structure allow you to match the staircase to the wood floors and colors in the room. Sophistication, elegance, and a contemporary design distinguish the Open model.

Strength and solidity guarantee a functional, long-lasting product.