Helical Wood and Iron Stairs:

Interior Stairs, Wood and Iron Stairs

Portofino is the helical model of stairs with a single metal central box structure, solid wood treads and railing with vertical columns made of turned or milled wood, forged vertical elements, or—for a more modern and lighter version—stainless steel rods to further redefine the curve of the staircase. With so many options, these stairs are sure to satisfy the tastes of any customer choosing it to accompany their decor.

Special painting processes ensure a coloring that is resistant over time, thus preserving its beauty. Colors and volumes, lines and materials breathe life into a rich and voluptuous interior staircase.

As with every interior staircase by Linea Scale, the possibilities of personalizing the Portofino model are endless, in terms of both finishes and shapes, offering the utmost individuality and standing out above mass-produced products.

The Portofino model becomes the heart of every room, attracting guests with the exclusive nature of it unfolding structure, almost a supporting column for the surrounding architecture.