Helical Wood, metal, and steel Stairs:

Interior Stairs, Stairs for lofts

Portovenere: A highly successful helical interior staircase with a round layout made of metal, stainless steel, or wood. The central twist facilitates the ascent and makes the staircase more sinuous, which is emphasized by the curved side structure.

In the Portovenere model, the structural metal and stainless steel are skillfully curved by our craftsmen, tracing out an enveloping spiral that will surely mark your classic or modern environment.

The central twist in painted metal or stainless steel allows for a wider and more walkable step, even in versions with smaller diameters. This is the ideal solution for both optimizing small spaces and emphasizing larger, more important spaces.

The steps can be made of wood, resin, metal, or glass, and each personal choice leads to a unique staircase.

The nuances of the wood, the different possible treatments and finishes—brushed, troweled, or zero gloss—highlight the grain and colors of the wood, making it blend well with metal or stainless steel.

Even the features of the glass—natural, extra clear, non-slip, or satin finish—play with the structure and railing and are an example of how different materials can be combined to create the best result.

Portovenere is a modern staircase, a symbol of an ever-evolving design capable of capturing the eye of passers-by.