Interior Iron or Steel Stairs:

Interior Stairs, Open stairs

With the Venus model, ideas become refined shapes with a personal style.

The Venus model is an example of an open iron staircase that epitomizes a modern, metropolitan design.

The folded metal in the Venus model creates a continuous ribbon of risers and treads, from floor to ceiling. The steps are one with the treads and screwed together in blocks. The risers can be situated at 90° to the tread or inclined in a “Z” shape.

The paint for the metal can be chosen by the customer or interior designer to match the rest of the environment. The railings, with their light, simple look consisting of steel and glass, blend well with the body of the staircase while maintaining the style.

Every detail is characteristic of these interior staircases. The decision to use white comes from a desire to enhance natural light and draw on a minimalist vision of space.

The entire production process takes place in house. Every step is followed and performed by our metalworkers. The stairs are pre-assembled to test their flexibility, strength, and endurance. Artisan know-how merges with technical evolution, design, and aesthetics, optimizing the final result with its clear uniqueness.