Interior Wood and Iron Stairs:

Interior Stairs, Open stairs

The Opale model is an indoor staircase with a band structure on each side in epoxy powder coated metal, wooden treads, iron or satin-finish stainless steel railing, or laminated tempered glass balustrade. The Opale model is a custom-made open staircase that comes in various finishes. With an elegant, modern style, embellished with fine materials, these stairs enrich any environment and capture the emotion.

Through suggestive details presented by customers, architects, or our technical department, we ensure the success of each creation, which is bound to be special and unique.

These types of interior stairs allows you to make the most of the spaces below, with the possible insertion of furniture or improving the passage through a door into another room.

The metal side structure, with its clean, essential lines, situates this open wood and metal staircase among the most elegant, yet it blends harmoniously in both modern and more classic settings.

Linea Scale allows the possibility to further enrich its open wood and metal staircases with different types of accessories:

  • risers in metal or wood
  • and LED lighting either under the wooden treads or along the structure, creating an additional atmospheric effect.