Interior Wood and Iron Stairs:

Interior Stairs, Open stairs

The Oyster model of open staircase has a double laser-cut metal structure, wooden treads, and iron or satin-finish stainless steel railing, which can be combined with laminated tempered glass panels for additional brightness. Interior staircases made to measure, with possibilities for customization in the choice of different types of wood or a satin-finish stainless steel structure. These stairs will be the centerpiece of your home, exclusive boutique, or office. Sophistication, elegance, and design give a contemporary, metropolitan look to these modern staircases. The iron structures—whether painted or frosted, rusted (Corian effect), or stainless steel—distinguish this interior staircase with a strong impact. The railings that naturally match these modern stairs are horizontal rods, but safety regulations sometimes require vertical elements that can be integrated in the models. Glass, on the other hand, offers both safety and elegance. Our experience in design combined with modern metalworking techniques and craftsmanship allow us to find the most effective solutions for functional, solid, and stylish open stairs. For the Oyster model, we provide exclusive accessories with a striking impact, such as LED lighting in the treads or risers. These can be made of either wood or metal to create a play of contrasts, or even glass to create a closed staircase but without sacrificing transparency. The only limit is your imagination or the decorator’s flair!