Materials for Interior Stairs

Design, functionality, and solidity are the strengths of our production, starting with the choice of materials.

Simple, classic, and designer shapes are enhanced by the materials and processing, from wood to resins, from wrought iron to stainless steel and glass.
Every detail goes into the final product, following the customer’s needs and the professional’s creativity.

Beech, oak, teak, maple, cherry, ash, chestnut, and walnut, are just some of the woods that we use and work skillfully to give life to unique products.
The different nuances and grain, as well as the different treatments and finishes—such as brushed, troweled, and zero gloss—highlight the possible color effects of this unique material.

Iron can be powder coated with different colors, as well as galvanized or frosted to make it stand out among the other elements, the staircase, and the environment.

Glass steps and railings are a must in modern design, letting natural light shine through and enhancing evanescence and transparency. These stairs give a bright, lightweight, yet solid impression.